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Jiangsu Desheng Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a professional production of sound-absorbing materials, rubber foam two series. Perforated acoustic board is the company's patented composite products, has developed a yoga mat, hunting mats, sports mats and garden kneeling pads and other products to meet the needs of sports and leisure activities.
BSX composite perforated acoustic board, used in industrial factories in the acoustic ceiling outstanding noise reduction, especially for the kind of high-temperature, high humidity, high noise of textile factory in the system is more suitable, known as the ideal acoustic noise reduction products. In recent years, such as in Shandong Liaocheng Textile Co., Ltd., Anhui, China Qi Textile Group, Yancheng Yueda Textile City, Dafeng Shanghai Textile Industrial Park Development Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou First Textile Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Hongye Textile Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Textile Group, Shin Kong are measured using this product.
Development of rubber and plastic foam board and sports and leisure aspects of the yoga mat, and a variety of sports hunting cushion pads, garden kneeling pads and other products, in addition to meeting domestic demand but also exported to the United States, Germany, Korea, Southeast Asia, by they welcomed, fully meet people's growing material and cultural life needs.
DESHENG always put the quality of products first, customer first, excellence, continuous improvement. welcome to visit us!